Two Stops Down

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The Oz Experience, Part I: Singapore

Rainbow Bridge, Singapore

It was one of the glorious sunny days of Spring the day I left for Australia. As I shuffled my suitcases into Heathrow’s international terminal, I wondered if there would be any sunshine left by the time I returned…

It’s been years in the making, months in the writing (and weeks in the proofreading), but at long last, my book documenting my trip to Australia with Cardiff-based cancer charity The Joshua Foundation is up for sale.

As I promised, those photos and more are making their way online, starting with the first part of the story: our stopover in Singapore.

Crossing, MICA building, Singapore

New Bridge St., Singapore

Airbus A380, Singapore Changi Airport Jinna Monsoon Weather Robertson Quay Hotel, Singapore Mall, Singapore Lunch at the Flight, Singapore

Stepping off the plane, the air seemed humid but cool. It wasn’t until we stepped outside, however, that we discovered the airport had air conditioning set to the max. Outside was hot, wet, and on our bus trip to the hotel, there was a monsoon of rain. It was an interesting way to begin our time at one of the hottest and most modern places on earth.


Sri Marriamman, Singapore

Public Relations, Sri Marriamman Temple

Jetlagged, Robertson Quay Hotel Chinatown, Singapore Rules of the Road, Singapore Supreme Court, Singapore Ceiling Decoration, Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore Looking Up, Singapore

As the group made their way past security, I noticed something peculiar about the stretch of hallway which led into the duty-free shopping area.

By the side of the hallway, donning white gowns and face masks, were a group of staff crowded around a monitor. Beside the monitor was something that looked like a CCTV camera, set up to watch the passing foot traffic.

As I passed the setup, I turned to look at the screen: it was a heat-map, the passing travellers appearing as blue-and-yellow blobs on a black backdrop. With the recent swine flu scare, Singapore airport was taking no chances, pulling people with a fever aside to be examined.

Continue to Part II: Melbourne.

This series of posts document The Joshua Foundation’s 2009 trip to Australia, as part of their Oz Experience fundraising program. They include a sample of photographs and text from my book documenting the trip, available as a paperback and free PDF at

This article was published on 18 October 2009.