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The Oz Experience, Part II: Melbourne

Cabs, Melbourne

Previously: Part I: Singapore

Our first stop in Melbourne was the Royal Children’s Hospital, a large medical centre exclusively for the treatment of child patients. In the drowsy early hours after our flight, it was our first attempt of navigating the city, and its suburbs.

The visit was a very meaningful one for the group, as it was a chance for the group to visit the hospital’s oncology ward. For most, it was the first time they would meet the children that The Joshua Foundation’s work supports. It was an emotional experience for everyone.

A relatively short flight from Singapore left us in downtown Melbourne, a wonderfully vibrant city, its slanting streets intersecting in a criss-cross alongside the Yarra River.

Co-ordination, Melbourne

Melbourne Curve

Melbourne Metro YHA Peel St., Melbourne Shopping, Melbourne Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne TJF Group, Melbourne MEC

As part of our stay in Melbourne, we had a morning tour of the Neighbours studio, including the real location of Ramsay Street. Jonny and Liam were less excited…

'Ramsay St', Melbourne

Jonny and Liam, Neighbours tour

Autographs, St Kilda

The A Team, Melbourne

Waving, Pointing, Melbourne

On the way back to the hostel, I took some portraits of The A Team (as our little group was known). I like how they turned out!

Liam, Melbourne Jodi, Melbourne

Wall Portrait, Melbourne Jodi, alleyway

Exploring Melbourne Boxhead, Melbourne Exploring Melbourne Exploring Melbourne Melbourne Aquarium Hanna and Jinna, at the pooltable

Last Night, Melbourne

Jodi's Gamman

Check back later this week for Part III: Conservation Volunteers Australia!

This series of posts document The Joshua Foundation’s 2009 trip to Australia, as part of their Oz Experience fundraising program. They include a sample of photographs and text from my book documenting the trip, available as a paperback and free PDF at

This article was published on 25 October 2009.