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The Oz Experience, Part IV: Sydney

Jinna, Jodi

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Roast Kangaroo Curried Octopus Sydney Tower Restaurant Hanna, Jodi Celebrate Christmas in July, Sydney Jonny, Boat Dinner

The Sydney Tower was our first chance for both teams to meet up together, with the superb chance to see the Sydney cityscape by night. The buffet style dining was a chance for the group to help themselves to a great selection of food, and the chance to try more exotic dishes like roast kangaroo and octopus.

As a special thank-you to the group, both the Skippies and Koalas were taken on a boat dinner from Sydney harbour. It was a chance to talk about the happenings of the past few weeks, and for most, a final night out before the big return journey.

Goodbye Hugs

Liam, Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Sydney Harborugh Bridge Photo Op, Sydney Opera House Going Down, Last Day at YHA Goodbye Hugs

The alarm clock rang at 7 a.m., in our dorm at the Sydney YHA. It was the morning everyone had to pack their bags, and go our separate ways.

As the afternoon came around, the Skippies and Koalas began shuffling down the stairs, and down the elevators, dragging their cases behind. In the lobby, people exchanged last hugs and a sometimes tearful goodbye, before boarding the airport coach.

And thus, the end to an amazing trip with some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Or at least, the part that involves The Joshua Foundation… Check back for the final instalment: Part V: Blue Mountains National Park.

Thanks guys, it was an amazing summer.

This series of posts document The Joshua Foundation’s 2009 trip to Australia, as part of their Oz Experience fundraising program. They include a sample of photographs and text from my book documenting the trip, available as a paperback and free PDF at

This article was published on 7 February 2010.