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The Oz Experience, Part V: Blue Mountains National Park

Euroka Walking Track

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Now, what self respecting photographer would travel to the other side of the world, and not get in the presence of kangaroos with their camera? Cliche as it is, I wanted to get it done. I did my research, and took the early morning train from Sydney Central into the Blue Mountains national park.

World's Fanciest Room Service Euroka Walking Track Sign Euroka Walking Track Euroka Walking Track Euroka Campsite

At a little past 5 a.m., I found myself in the small town of Glenbrook. Following the street lights, and then the dim light of my phone, I made my way to the park’s entrance. From there, I watched the stars in their final hours, waiting for the first glimpse of dawn.

Once it was light enough, I began on an hour long walk through the woodland and creeks. It was strikingly beautiful: the morning’s golden light touched the tips of the trees, and breathed life into the morning mist.

Kangaroos, Euroka Campsite

Kangaroos, Euroka Campsite Kangaroos, Euroka Campsite Jasmine Valley Jasmine Valley Three Sisters. Echo Point Echo Point

After a cautious descent down a rocky decline in the path, I arrived in a grassy opening. I surveyed the area – only to have my gaze met by a pair of grey-furred kangaroos grazing at the foot of the path. I had arrived at Euroka Clearing, a park campsite known for it’s wildlife population.

I spent the morning following the family of kangaroos through the clearing, shooting video, and practicing my bush-call with some local campers. As late morning arrived, so did the tourists: this area of the park was too difficult for coaches to access, so rather, a series of small mini-busses and camper vans flooded onto the campground. Knowing my communing time had come to an end, I headed back through the park to the station, heading to Karoomba to visit the local landmarks.

Glenbrook Park Entrance

And that concludes my trip to Australia. Thank you to all the friends and family that supported my fundraising; it was the trip of a lifetime.

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This series of posts document The Joshua Foundation’s 2009 trip to Australia, as part of their Oz Experience fundraising program. They include a sample of photographs and text from my book documenting the trip, available as a paperback and free PDF at

This article was published on 20 February 2010.