Two Stops Down

A journal on photography by Thomas Riggs

“The Ashes of Andastre”, session 1

Ben & Lon

After playing the WotC adventure Keep on the Shadowfell with a group of new Dungeons and Dragons players, I gave them the opportunity to write their own one-off adventures to play the following week.

Kyle began running his today, named The Ashes of Andastre. For someone with only a few session’s experience with the game, he did alright! It has spilled into a second session, which will come next week.

Part 1 (2:00:23)

Part 2 (2:26:53)

The party is:

  • Rhogar (Lon), Dragonborn Warlord
  • Kyte (Ben), Elf Ranger
  • Boysen (Ian), Human Ranger
  • Derrin (Riggzy), Halfling Rogue

Next session, next week.

This article was published on 2 September 2010.