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Universal Design Studio's amazing space for Wildlife Photographer of the Year


A few weeks ago, I went on a whim to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year show at the Natural History Museum here in London. What really surprised me (aside from the rather intimidating “10 Years and Under” category) was the amazing design of the space, something I found out was undertaken by Universal Design Studio:

Each individual photograph is displayed on a custom-designed light panel, allowing the viewer to fully appreciate every minute detail within each spectacular image. Theatre-style track lighting throughout the exhibition then cleverly highlights the existing architecture and places the exhibition within the context of one of the Museum’s beautiful original Waterhouse galleries.

Universal Design Studio PR

The effect is something like how I’d expect an art exhibition on the Enterprise to look like. Sadly they’re not totally photo-quality prints, but the effect is still great. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is on at the NHM until the 11th of March.

This article was published on 11 February 2012.