Two Stops Down

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A new D&D adventure: The Downfall of Ammysk

Kyle and Ben with lots of funny-shaped dice

The first part of The Downfall of Ammysk (RSS), Ben’s homebrew Dungeons & Dragons adventure, is now up on HuffDuffer and will released a part a week, like previous games. I think it’s our best set of recordings yet, or at least our best effort at roleplaying.

I have it on some authority, namely Ben’s, that we won’t actually be finishing the story. (Plus, the last session’s recording cuts out early. Oops.) But who knows, maybe Daniel and the others will return in some other tale of adventure!

The players in the recordings, clockwise from their sitting positions around the mic, are me (Daniel), Ian (Belorin), Barend (Gregory), Hannah (Tomira), Kyle (Solitaire) and finally Ben behind the DM screen.

This article was published on 17 February 2012.