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Photoworks interview about my graduate project, CROSS BONES

It’s old news now, but a couple months back my short film “CROSS BONES” received the 2013 graduate award from Brighton-based Photoworks. As far as I know, it’s the first time they have given what is essentially a photography-based award to a moving-image work; I was equally surprised and honoured.

Celia Davies conducted a really great interview with me about the film, and asked some poignant questions as to why a photographer might choose to work with video, among other things. It's now available online for reading.

CD: Does the subject in the project reflect a particular interest for you in your practice?

TR: Graveyards are a new one for me, but more than anything this project has helped me develop the processes that are involved in making my work. More and more I’ve begun to understand photography as something useful not only in documenting my curiosity in something, but useful in the sense that the camera itself facilitates that curiosity, by making me look at my subject in a very particular way.

You can read the full interview on the Photoworks website.

This article was published on 17 August 2013.