Two Stops Down

A journal on photography by Thomas Riggs

In praise of the internet k-hole

The internet k-hole is a dazzling collection of anonymous snapshot photographs from the recent past, found at flea markets and photo-sharing websites.

Browsing through each of the (overwhelmingly large) posts is a journey of curiosity and surprise. There’s something very charming about being a latent witness to these scenes of everyday life from around the world, and it reminds me in particular of something very “human” about photography, something you tend to get further and further away from in academia.

If you want to learn more, there’s a good interview with Bianca Peach, who runs the internet k-hole, on inconnu magazine’s website.

Trelales 3/2/13

These are some photographs from a weekend in Trelales, a small town in South Wales where I went to school as a kid.


Some of my favourite photography blogs


Jörg M. Colberg’s insightful and frequent explorations of photo-books are a delightful read, as are his short essays on photography theory and culture.

Somewhere to start: Jim Goldberg and the Struggle of Photographic Storytelling

The Midwestyle

A young men’s fashion blog from the ‘States with some really fantastic original photography.

Somewhere to start: Desert Boots Resoled

Laura Pannack’s blog

Deservedly popular London-based portrait photographer who’s definitely worth following.

Somewhere to start: IMAGE OF THE WEEK… DARE I SAY IT…

You Are Not A Photographer

A website that continues to either delight or irritate photographers the world over.

Somewhere to start: Examples of “Creative” Editing

Colberg on “How we give photographs meaning”

Joerg Colberg:

We love to treat photographs as if they were self-contained little worlds that we can understand if we just look long enough. But photographs are embedded in a vastly more complex system against which they operate - and talking about photographs has to include that aspect (of course, in the context of art photography, things get quite a bit simpler since there is so little at stake).

He's writing a book. So excited.